Soul Alignment Sessions

I am the soul chiropractor.

crack. crack.

Big instant healing ♥

Go forth Powerfully
and live magic.

with your deepest reason for being here, your Soul Work.


“Fasten your socks… Because they will be knocked right off!” ~Annette, who had just lost her father

I am a transformation facilitator, a soul chiropractor, your rebirth midwife, specializing in life realignment with your soul purpose, and I use life coaching + cards + intuition + energy work as my medium of clarity + Divine guidance.

Like the shamans, soothsayers, oracles, and medicine wo/men we have visited since the beginning of time, I tap into divine means and hold a powerful space to help you integrate your life + your soul, to aid you during times of worry or wonder ♥

I work most powerfully with women who are going through or craving self, work, relationship, or lifestyle

  • change
  • transition
  • transformation
  • breakthrough
  • falling apart
  • coming together

Women who believe more is possible than what they are living right now.

Women who have been stuck and are ready for movement.

Women who look within to create change, or are ready to.

Women who are ready to value, make, and take the time to do this Work (the Session + the hOMework after).

I nail it pretty hard the first go-round, but I love to work with women who keep coming back for more, as life or issues bubble up in their new Awakening.

The Work I do with these women is to

  • sink deep into them and locate the Truth
  • realign their Self, their Soul, and their Life powerfully with it
  • and then set them on a course to live/grow life from that place of very personal and powerful truth.

It sounds simple, and that is the beauty of it. It is essence, and it is the Source of their Power.

It is not uncommon for women to be in tears when we locate their Source.

I welcome it. I hold a PowerFull space.

I offer practical mysticism – both soul talk and physical measurable actions you can take to get from where you are to where you want to be – all through the language of Love ♥

“OMG Nova!!!!! I am in tears! It is like you crawled inside my brain and heart and pulled out every secret thought and feeling that I have stuffed down and said “here…this!” You shone a spotlight on things that I should have known, but shoved out. I am already starting to see things differently! I am starting my practice tomorrow and am so excited to see where I will be and who I will be when I am finished. Thank you so much!!!!!!!”  ~Serenity

Stuff that used to take hours or weeks or months or – seriously – years, now takes minutes.

To learn more about Why Me, click here.

And to read the Success Stories from my clients, see the comments below from some of the Brave Beloved Souls who have engaged in Sessions with me.


When you sign up for a Session with mewe start by connecting to you, your situation, and your bigger journey. As I listen deeply to you, I tune into your energy and offer guidance as I am also feeling to my decks of cads to find the one with the right specialty + language for the job.

I do a full spread (10+ cards) and go through their story with you one card at a time, offering you a picture of the card and their + my intuitive clarity + guidance. Some cards come with more information to share than others, and the Reading as a whole is very comprehensive, but you are welcome to ask clarifying questions along the way.

Also, along the way, I will offer you suggestions/Medicine/hOMework, for you to do after our Reading (I recommend having a paper and pen to make the list as we go), to bring about deeper and lasting alignment ♥

I prefer to do my Readings via Facebook private messaging, because it is simplest (and I like simple), because writing activates my intuitive flow, and because you can save the reading forever and refer back to it often, as you are invited to do ♥ But if you are not on Facebook, we can find another medium that meets both our needs.

Plan for your Session to take about an hour and half, so I can do your Work justice. How long it actually takes depends on how big/deep the situation is in your life, how deep you want to go, your clarity on the situation, how well we speak the same language, how many questions you ask, and the information that flows to me for you. I have had incredibly powerful Sessions that took 45 minutes and I have gone over the 2 hours because it was right for both of us. How much time we spend together is up to you.

Cost. I have been a Healer for a long time, and I am constantly seeking brilliant ways to touch more lives + balance my budget with my values, and my investment in you with your investment in me.

Currently, my sweet spot is $100 per hour (with a 45 minute minimum), and sometimes I offer For-Donation Readings or Special Offers, as a way to touch as many lives as I can, without finances being a barrier.

My full-paying clients fill my cup, so I can offer these Readings as my reserves allow (so thank you).

Timing. Because each Session is unique, it can be difficult to foretell how much time it will take to dive into this work together and do it justice. An hour and a half is usually the perfect fit.

It happens that lovely souls who sign up to work with me want to extend our time together, and so I allot 2 1/2 hours in my schedule for each of my appointments, and you are welcome to pay me at the end of our Session if you chose to stay engaged with me beyond the original amount of time.

And if you find your answers, your peace, before our time has ended, I am delighted to offer to refund you the difference.

Sign up for a full session, without the worries. We will feel it as we go.

The Success Stories below speak to the quality and power of my Work with women in this world, and I invite you to read them and imagine your own Success Story.

What would it entail?

What are you seeking?

Imagine the relief of not only feeling at peace with the situation, but feeling it integrated into your heart in a way that uplifts you and makes you excited about the opportunities before you to grow and heal and be excited about + connected to your life again.

“This reading was UNBELIEVABLE in accuracy and positivity. I am an energy reader myself and her knowing and intuitive prowess is incredible. Not only were the cards and interpretations on point, there are AMAZING actionable steps I can take to help me with clarity. Her style is approachable and gentle with an easy encouragement to be the best I am (and reminders of things I already knew, but DESPERATELY needed reminding on). I came away from the reading refreshed, revitalized and with a greater sense of awe for my life path. This reading was priceless to me and was so on time, I almost wondered if she was somehow looking into my psyche for the last while. I am in awe and know I will be going back to the reading again and again for strength, encouragement and her gentle and timely advice. The words ‘thank you’ seems entirely lacking as a response to her reading.”  Sara, who was seeking life direction of the career variety

To book a Session with me

1) click the link below to be directed to my payment site (via PayPal)

2) within 24 hours, you will then receive an email (or Facebook message) that will contain the information you need to connect with me on Facebook + access my calendar, where you will pick the date/time that works best for you. Please

  • pick a date/time that best ensures a large block of uninterrupted time, if possible – your investment, and mine, is worth it
  • contact me if my availability does not work and you need a special day or time

3) check your Facebook messages no later than the night before our scheduled appointment (check your “other/invitation” box from a computer, if you don’t see it in your regular inbox) and accept my invitation to privately message with you

4) meet me on Facebook private messaging at our appointed time, prepared for sacred and powerful magic ♥


What I need from you. In addition to pen and paper on hand, I invite openness… to something new or new information, to feeling into something you may think you already know but with a new feel to it. I invite you to prepare yourself to take this information and create transformation in your life.

These Sessions are my way of saying, “I believe in you. Let’s do this.”

Are you ready?

Click here to book a Soul Alignment Session with me.


23 thoughts on “Soul Alignment Sessions

  1. Kimberlie Hawkins

    It had to have been divine intervention that lead me to get a reading with you, Nova! I had been feeling very frustrated and kind of lost with current circumstances in my life (and impatient that things are not progressing faster lol) feeling trapped in my job, and lonely for a life mate. As it happened, the other night a friend posted a recommendation of your skills on her Facebook page and it was like a light of hope came on again. Trusting my friends judgement, as I do, I contacted you and set up a reading. You were able to fit me in almost right away and I have to say, I feel so much better now. You chose a card deck instinctively to match my personality and needs and each card that came up hit my situation directly. You picked up on my struggles with body image and the exact areas that I need healing and were able to comfort me in that it will all fall into place as I proceed with my business and follow my heart, you re-empowered me to find the goddess within and embrace my own being with love and to strive for that which fills me with passion. you assured me that love is around the bend…I have not yet had the chance to transcribe all of the reading yet, and let it all sink in, and as it has been only about 24 hours since the reading, I look forward to watching everything unfold. I am excited again, and hopeful. I thank you for your wisdom, compassion and foresight. Namaste

    1. Nova Post author

      Oh, Darling <3 <3 What a blessing it was to connect with you <3 <3 Thank you for sharing your experience here <3 I am so happy to be connected to you now <3

  2. Jen Boring

    Nova did a reading for me a few months ago about a rough situation my family was going through… she was wonderful!

    The time and amount of herself Nova puts into every reading is amazing, when she’s communicating with you she is 110% present. To be honest at the time a lot of the stuff she said seemed kind of vague but not incorrect, but over the next few weeks as her words settled in and I dealt more with the situation I was dealing with I started to see some of the things she said as frighteningly specific and true even though I didn’t realize it immediately.

    The biggest help I got from Nova’s reading was insight into why we were all handling the situation in the way we were, and insight into how we were all going to be ok regardless of what the outcome turned out to be. I would recommend Nova to anyone.

    1. Nova Post author

      Love you, Sweetness <3 It was such a treat to read for you and bring you peace and healing during such a time <3 Thank you for taking the time to share here <3

  3. Nina

    I recieved a reading from Nova a couple of Months ago. I was in deep need for guidance and the funny thing is, I didnt even realize how much I was in need until after I recieved the reading. The reading was insightful and let me know I had a rough road ahead, but I was strong and I would make it through. Her reading prepared me. Now that the tough waves have passed, I can see even more how Novas reading helped guide me to understanding. Thank you Nova for All that you do. I Look forward to another reading with you soon !!

  4. Andi Curless

    What a life-changing experience I had with Nova. My reading was given to me as a birthday present from some very dear friends. Nova and I connected just a couple of weeks later, near the end of March, 2015. I had been having a tumultuous year moving through a nasty divorce and a 9-year-old son in tow. My entire life was turned upside down and I felt I was falling through a very deep hole. I thought I wanted to know when I would have peace in my life and what my romantic future might look like. During my reading I felt Nova hit on some extremely important points that I had never even considered. Because they were things I wasn’t even thinking about, I had to take a deep breath and really listen to what was being said. I started to take the words in and I began to feel a lightness come over me that I hadn’t felt in many, many months. I didn’t realize how attached I was to my marriage and the man and knew I had to just let it go with love. I was trying to let it go with anger and that was not working at all for me. When I turned the tables on myself and came from a place of love, I was then able to release from the inside all the pent up anger I was carrying around. I wrote on my mirror “It’s all about Love. Breathe.” And now, though occasionally my buttons do get pushed, I feel so much more at peace and can move through life with more confidence and grace. Whatever is going on in your life, having a reading with Nova will put things into perspective, maybe things you didn’t know you didn’t know. What a gift!!!

  5. Kate Wasserman

    Nova has a true GIFT.

    My reading last week gave me deep insight and clarity in to my fears. It was a powerful reminder that I am on the right path and that I can take that next step, leap or jump. I came to Nova because I am at crossroads in my life with my career and my desire to follow my heart and true calling.

    After our session, I made a huge decision that I had been resisting making for a long time. I can breath now. I feel revitalized and see so many opportunities.

    I am so thankful for the opportunity for guidance and connection with this beautiful soul, Nova.

  6. serenity

    Nova, the reading you gave me has completely changed my life. I now look at things from a new perspective and have a joy in my life where it was full of frustration. Thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance!

  7. Sara Wildish

    My biggest advice when having a reading with Dearest Nova – TAKE NOTES. You will find yourself going back to them time and again, simply due to the amount of information she brings up. I had a chat session with her and it was very easy to copy and paste her words, my response, AS WELL as the cards (she uses BEAUTIFUL decks). It was like a comfy conversation, chatting with my friend and having intermittent FIREWORKS of clarity and revelation. I encourage you to OPEN fully to all the gifts and abundance available before your session starts, because there is SO MUCH the Universe wants to tell you through the readings Nova interprets. I just couldn’t get over how it all flowed together; like a clear stream of information straight from the cosmos (oh wait, that’s EXACTLY what it is). If I ever, ever need another bout of clarity in my life and desire a Helper to come alongside, I am going straight to Nova to see if she can work me in. Make the investment to spend some time with this dearest soul and exchange with her, and you will be so pleased.

  8. Angie


    The reading you provided me was insightful and provided me with major clarity. Receiving a reading from someone who is so soulful, connected and dedicated to providing a sacred relationship means the world to me. I will be calling upon you for more readings in my near future. 🙂 Thank you for illuminating the light on my path. xoxo


  9. Nikki Starcat Shields

    I recently received an oracle reading from Nova that was focused on the area of abundance. This is something I’d been working on for several months, but I still felt a bit blocked. Nova helped me to find clarity on what I was missing. She gently guided me to the next phase that needed to happen, offering both mystical and practical advice that lit up my soul. Nova has a gift for uncovering solutions and lessons that you might be too close to the situation to see on your own. She is a loving and kind oracle, who will nonetheless call you on your stuff – in the best way possible. Since my recent reading, not only my financial abundance, but many areas of my life have begun opening up like a blossoming flower. I’ve been using a visualization she suggested, and am taking steps to put in place a new offering for my clients thanks to her idea. The best part of the reading, though, are the new insights she sparked in me, that are still unfolding now. I highly recommend getting a reading from Nova. You’ll love it!!!

  10. Beki

    In the summer of 2014 I had a reading from my beloved Nova, she has the uncanny ability to shine the light on all the truths we know deep down but continue to deny to ourselves… guiding us to answers that were always ours and were waiting patiently… and in doing this she brings us the greatest gift of all… our own light <3 I am ever grateful for her and the work she is doing <3

  11. Jessica

    I just had a reading with the shiny Nova and it was really and truly amazing. She hit upon some things that she had no way of knowing and gave me such comfort and insight with what she interpreted and read. I’ve had quite a few readings over the years and she differs in that she brings a deep spirituality and groundedness to the experience. She creates a space of love and support and man, when she hits upon something and starts to flow, the insights are SO RIGHT ON. Go grateful for her!

  12. Shawna

    I am so blessed to have met Nova. I felt a deep connection with her. When the time was right for me, I sought her out for a reading. I was going through some major transitions in my life, as we were preparing for an international move. Also, I was really sitting with the question, “what do I want to be when I grow up?”. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the reading, but I went into it with a totally open heart and mind.

    Nova has an incredible presence and energy. She really listens intuitively and puts her own stuff aside. She was able to truly connect in with the essence of what the cards were revealing and made it relevant to me. She is a gifted Guide for the Soul.

    It’s been a couple of months since my reading. I haven’t taken direct action regarding what we talked about, but rather am allowing the information to settle deep within me and percolate. The truth of the reading still remains clear and relevant.

    Thank you sweet goddess friend, Nova! You are a blessing in this world.

  13. allison

    I had Nova do a reading because I was curious about what would show up.
    Her reading totally reflected where I am in my life. She was able to help me clarify what direction I was meant to head in. Nova has a real gift of guidance through her cards.

  14. Dawn Plante

    Nova Om​ I can not Thank you enough for your help. Your guidance and patience was extraordinary. This was my first time with a life coach. I was truly lost and not knowing what direction to go in. You had done my reading and hit the nail on the head with many things. You had given me homework and told me to look deep within myself and figure out what makes me happy. What gives me that AHHHHHH feeling. This alone was no easy task. The more I researched it all kept coming back to the same things, Change, Transformation, moving forward just like you told me. I was still struggling with how to move forward and doing what makes me happy. My friend Kim who is also working with you had stopped over and was helping me and we figured out what truly makes me happy and really searching deep. I am excites to say that I have decided to start my own business. I am still in the beginning stages but I feel alive inside again. I know it’s going to be work and take work to get this fully going, but I am more then willing to put my all into this. I’m excited to see where this journey takes me and I will be completely open to all it has to offer. I could not have done this without you and your guidance. I highly recommend you and your services!

  15. Rebecca Kinman

    As a card-reader myself, I know the good ones.

    Nova gives more than just a reading. She’s not only showing you possibilities or narrating/validating one’s experiences, Nova is a true shamanic healer whose sessions take you on a journey into your own soul. During my first reading with Nova, I left behind many un-needed thought-patterns. I was struggling to buy a car and had many other problems. This freed up so much extra energy in my life. Since my reading with Nova, I bought the dream car, my relationship with my mom has improved, and I unexpectedly found love!

    I’m blown away by the power this Mama packs. It’s a true priviledge to know Nova. I have already returned to her after my first reading and the second reading was as heart-blowing as the last one.

    I am definitely going to consult with Nova on a regular basis. She’s a true gem!

    Thank you Nova for following your calling!

  16. Rachel Fender

    I recently had a reading with Nova, my first time doing this kind of work. Nova made me feel comfortable right away, and was respectful of my faith beliefs throughout our time working together. During my reading Nova helped me look at some choices I needed to make in a light I hadn’t been considering them. I felt that she was extremely present throughout (and even beyond!) our session together, I felt heard and understood in a profound way. Since our session ended, I have been able to step forward and claim my identity as a mother, wife, and small business owner in a way that honors all the participants in my life, most of all in a way that honors myself. I feel that my session with Nova helped me to see possibilities that I hadn’t been aware of before, and her love and encouragement, which were so obvious throughout our time together, helped me to take the first few steps I needed to in a powerful direction which has positively impacted me, my family, and my small business! Thank you for this gift, Nova, I will definitely be working with you again in the future!

  17. Lindsay

    I have been struggling with so many blocks and emotional chaos for years now, and while certain things provided glimmers of clarity and temporary healing, the reading that I received from Nova really helped me to see the bigger picture.

    There was so much information being given, all of it encircled with Love and encouragement, and it was perfectly aligned with what I experienced in my past, what I am going through in the present, and what my life could be like in the future.

    Nova took the time to talk with me in between cards, asking me questions and providing additional information as she was guided to. She even mentioned that she felt as though Acupuncture would benefit me, and synchronistically enough I had just been to my first Acupuncture appointment ever that morning!

    When the reading ended I felt completely sated. I had been on a desperate quest for understanding, wholeness, and guidance for quite some time, but Nova fed me with an abundance of insight and loving guidance that has put much into perspective for me.

    I am so Grateful for Nova and the Work that she does! She is intuitive and divinely guided, and I highly recommend connecting with her to enrich your knowledge of yourself and to receive guidance along your Journey.

    So much Love, Nova!! <3

  18. Berenice

    I recommend her to anyone that is going through any transition in life and needs direction or clarity. I was very surprised by what she told me without knowing what I am going through and the deck she used was perfect. I have always been drawn to her sweet, loving and giving energy, God bless.

  19. Alison

    Nova, My reading with you was exceptional. I had no idea what to expect and since going through my divorce, I have felt really out of alignment. Our time together was so insightful and gave me a new perspective on my past and a new way to look at it. Rather than continuing to look at it with remorse, I can look at it as time needed to learn and gain wisdom in order to offer my guidance to others in the future. The cards pulled for my ‘healing and renewal’ were also so helpful. I really didn’t know where to go with that cleansing and the significance of those has given me a place to go and things to do. Especially poignant was the card on defining myself and who I am now and looking at that in relation to my name change back to my maiden name. I am going to begin work on who that is and leaving behind the old me. So many good things in our reading and I truly appreciate the energy and time and connection you offered throughout our whole time together. Thank you so very much <3

  20. Terasa

    I was referred to Nova by a dear friend when I was searching for guidance regarding a very difficult marriage that had caused extreme self esteem issues within myself and pretty much felt lost in life…like I had no place. She brought so much clarity and confidence back into my once dark & depressed life where I had no faith or hope left in me before my reading. I was a tiny bit skeptical since it was my first time like most people naturally would be and just 5 minutes into my reading I started feeling things inside me that I haven’t felt in years! I was a bundle of different emotions all at once at certain points and it felt great to feel those emotions that I haven’t felt in years! Give this girl a whirl. promise you won’t be disappointed!

  21. Stacy

    I had a long over due reading today. It was right on time. Issues that had long been sitting on the back shelf of my soul were brought to light. The love that you poured into our time together was the calming balm on my weary soul. I cried, I laughed, I was inspired, I have clarity and a starting place to heal, soar, and live out my hearts desires and goals. I will take each morsel shared with me today, and re-digest it over and over again. I will continue to work with you. I will not crawl around in the dark any more. Even with a blindfold on I will allow myself to be guided!!! (part of my reading). Ahh its like a heavy quilt that just laid across my body and soul has been pulled back!


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