Warmest Welcome ♥

Hello, Blessing ♥♥♥


 I am Nova.

I am delighted to be connected with you.

I am a Soul Alignment Coach,
and it is my pleasure to connect you to your soul’s alignment
and all the possibility available to you
when you are centered, grounded, aligned, and radiant.

I specialize in taking you deeper into your Soul Truths,
to catalyze your stuck into ah-ha!,
your transition into full-on transformation.

I help you see the beautiful windows of opportunity that your life is rich with.

I remind you how limitless you are
in your capacity to live a life that is a beautiful reflection of your soul’s longings.

Partially through showing you my own limitlessness and magic.

As a current nomadic, entrepreneur, homeschooling, solo mama of 3, 
I have been where you are now –


deeeeeeeep in the thick of it,

spinning my wheels in the mud
and beginning to feel hopeless
because I am not really getting where I want to go,

doing the day in and day out
but knowing there is more to life than paying bills
and missing out on what is most important to me,

recovering from deep wounds
that are impacting my ability
to enjoy the life in front of my face,

being at an important life crossroads
unsure of which direction to go
or how to even move forward once I have decided,

on the precipice of something big
but afraid to take that first step
because of how big this is going to be for me.

And when I go deep and begin by realigning myself at the soul level, what follows is 

ease and flow,

a pool of inner peace in the cavern where there had been worry,

crystal clear (exciting!) vision,

confidence borne of Soul Knowing,

and pure capability to show up fully in my limitlessness.

I want that for you.

And so I created this little online haven
to invite lovelies in and show them how I would be honored
to be of service to their hearts,
their soul purposes,
their life journeys,
their relationships with others and themselves.

Being a nomad,
I have the pleasure to connect deeply with communities in person,
and I also offer online opportunities for connection.

I have been told by most of the lovely souls who sign up for my offerings
that there was something inside of them that just knew they had to work with me,
and if this is true for you, I hope you will contact me so we can do just that.

All the Blessings,